We take care in customizing every haircut to each individual clients head to ensure the best look for you.


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Just to be clear, we’re talking about face shaving. Nothing compares to having a professional shave. The traditional Hot-Towel Shave or cut-throat shave is the closest shave you can get, it will leave your skin feeling smooth and well balanced. It is a precise, patient process that requires a skillful hand to master Enjoy. You deserve it.


You’ve spent over a year planning your wedding to ensure your bride has the perfect day. Along the way, overwhelming unexpected chaos has repeatedly increased your stress levels leading up to your big day. Let us at Barber Will Barbershop help you and your groomsmen to relax with a Hot Towel Shave and Fresh Haircut ensuring you look your best as you wait for your bride to walk down the aisle.

Who says only women need to be pampered on the morning of their wedding? While the ladies are off at the salon, gather your crew together and have that one last guy moment with your boys.


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Our Beard Trims range from a shaping of your beard with electric machines to our Deluxe Beard Trim which includes Hot and Cold Towels and Straight Razor shave on your neck and cheeks. Customize your own.

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